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Criminal Justice (supplementary program)

Welcome to Criminal Justice/Pre-Law! (supplementary program)

This major will focus on the basics of the criminal justice system and will emphasize public speaking, conflict resolution, and criminal procedure. Mr. Katten believes strongly that every individual deserves their rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. 


This year will be Mr. Katten's 9th year teaching Criminal Justice/Pre-Law at VTCTA. He is excited to be teaching students this subject matter. Mr. Katten hopes you are as excited and eager to learn the subject matter as he was to practice it. Criminal Justice/Law careers are in need of qualified, motivated, and intelligent individuals with a desire to do good. 


"It is my privilege to help educate, inspire, and prepare you."  - Mr. Katten

Meet our Instructor:


Steven Katten


  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Arizona State
  • Juris Doctorate, John Marshall Law School
  • Cook County, IL, Assistant State's Attorney, Criminal Division
  • DuPage County, IL, Assistant State's Attorney, Criminal Division
  • Criminal Defense Attorney, Private Practice 


Students who Major in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law will take the following courses:


This course sequence pertains to the school year 2023-24 and forward


9th--Law Enforcement I

10th--Law Enforcement II

11th--Criminal Justice 

12th--Public Speaking/Mock Trial


We also encourage all Criminal Justice students to Minor in one of the following areas in their Jr. year:


Forensic Science

9-1-1 Dispatch

Cyber Security 


Recommended Coursework Includes:


11th-AP US History 

12th-AP Government, AP Language, AP Statistics and AP Psychology