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Welcome to Forensic Science!


The Forensic Science program is taught by Mr. Lautzenheiser, who has been teaching since 2010. Additionally, Mr. Lautzenheiser was a death investigator with the Clark County Office of the Coroner and Medical Examiner for seventeen years.


The Forensic Science field is extremely competitive and students will be given a solid foundation to help prepare them for all aspects of a career in the field of Forensic Science. Some careers that can be found the the Las Vegas Valley include: LVMPD Crime Scene Analyst and Forensic Laboratory Technician.


Students will learn how crime scenes are secured/investigated, how evidence collected from crime scenes is analyzed in a laboratory setting, the importance of evidence documentation from the time crime scenes are secured; to testifying in court regarding the analysis of that evidence.


Students who choose to major in Forensic Science will learn and apply the following skills:

  • Sophomore year in Forensic Science II: crime scene documentation, collection and packaging of evidence, fingerprint analysis, and blood spatter analysis. 
  • Junior year in Forensic Science III: lab based skills used to analyze evidence found at crime scenes including hairs/fibers, DNA, firearms, impressions, and much more. 
  • Senior year in Forensic Science Advanced Studies: students will learn about specific fields within Forensic Science including entomology, anthropology, pathology and more 'ologies!' 
--Mr. Lautzenheiser

Meet our Instructor:


Scott Lautzenheiser

  • UNLV, BA in Anthropology and M.Ed in Special Education
  • Death Investigator for the Clark County Office the Coroner and Medical Examiner
  • Certified Fingerprint Examiner

Students who Major in Forensic Science/CSA will take the following courses:


This course sequence pertains to the school year 2023-24 and forward


9th-Law Enforcement I

10th-Law Enforcement II

11th-Forensic Science I

12th-Forensic Science II


We also encourage all Forensic Science/CSA students to Minor in one of the following areas starting in their Jr. year:


Criminal Justice (supplementary program)

9-1-1 Dispatch



Recommended Coursework Includes:


11th-AP Biology, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics 

12th-AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Statistics