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Welcome to Forensic Science!


The Forensic Science program is taught by Mr. Lautzenheiser, who has been teaching since 2010. Additionally, Mr. Lautzenheiser was a death investigator with the Clark County Office of the Coroner and Medical Examiner for seventeen years.


The Forensic Science field is extremely competitive and students will be given a solid foundation to help prepare them for all aspects of a career in the field of Forensic Science. Some careers that can be found the the Las Vegas Valley include: LVMPD Crime Scene Analyst and Forensic Laboratory Technician.


Students will learn how crime scenes are secured/investigated, how evidence collected from crime scenes is analyzed in a laboratory setting, the importance of evidence documentation from the time crime scenes are secured; to testifying in court regarding the analysis of that evidence.


Students who choose to major in Forensic Science will learn and apply the following skills:

  • Junior year: crime scene documentation, collection and packaging of evidence, fingerprint analysis, and blood spatter analysis. 
  • Senior year: lab based skills used to analyze evidence found at crime scenes including DNA, firearms, impressions, and much more. students will learn about specific fields within Forensic Science including entomology, anthropology, pathology and more 'ologies!' 
--Mr. Lautzenheiser

Meet our Instructor:


Scott Lautzenheiser

  • UNLV, BA in Anthropology and M.Ed in Special Education
  • Death Investigator for the Clark County Office the Coroner and Medical Examiner
  • Certified Fingerprint Examiner

Students who Major in Forensic Science/CSA will take the following courses:


This course sequence pertains to the school year 2023-24 and forward


9th-Law Enforcement I

10th-Law Enforcement II

11th-Forensic Science I

12th-Forensic Science II


We also encourage all Forensic Science/CSA students to Minor in one of the following areas starting in their Jr. year:


Criminal Justice (supplementary program)

9-1-1 Dispatch



Recommended Coursework Includes:


11th-AP Biology, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics 

12th-AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Statistics