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Cyber Security

Welcome to Cyber Security!


I have been teaching since 2002!  My Bachelor's degree is in History, and I have earned a Master's Degree in Technology and an endorsement in Computer Programming. While I enjoy teaching history, I LOVE teaching Computer Science and am looking forward to teaching Cybersecurity!  


In fact, I have come to love Computer Science so much, I spend several weeks every summer traveling around the country to teach other high school teachers how to successfully teach Computer Science! It is by far, my favorite subject because Computer Science is everywhere … Smart medicine that can monitor your health... National security issues ... Sonar technology to view the inside of your body ... It’s saving lives, it’s helping people. 


Computers have transformed everything we do. In the new economy, computer science is no longer an optional skill, it's a basic skill. I see that Computer science is all around us, and feel it is imperative to expose our students to it!

 -- Mrs. Angelina Dominguez



Students who apply to this program should be team-players who aren't afraid to make mistakes, try new things and learn from others. We are often seen as "mad-scientists"

as those in Cybersecurity often try something that didn't work AGAIN just to see if we get the same results! 


Successful students are NOT those who ALREADY know about technology ... successful students in this program are those that have GRIT, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, are OPEN-MINDED, DETERMINED and are good at COMMUNICATING and WORKING WITH OTHERS,The Cybersecurity Program provides students with knowledge and skills in computer maintenance and repair, the cybersecurity life cycle, incident handling and networking. 


Successful students will be prepared to take certification exams for CompTIA’s A+ and Networking +, the gateway certifications for careers in IT and Cybersecurity.


  • Basics of Computer Hardware & Software
  • Computer Forensics & Incident Handling
  • Methods for Deciphering Encrypted Data
  • Theory of VLAN, interVLAN, LAN


Students in our Cybersecurity Program also compete in the CyberPatriot Competition every year. This competition, sponsored by the Air Force Association, is the nation's national high school cyber defense competition in which over 5,000 teams compete! This competition not only teaches proper internet/web etiquette and safety

but also produces a well-qualified cyber workforce. Many students who participate in this competition have gone on to get internships and credit in the cyber industry. 


The CyberPatriot program is structured to focus students on cyber security awareness and orient all students to the possibilities of cyber careers. 

Meet our Instructor:


Angelina Dominguez/AP Computer Science Principles/Cybersecurity Instructor


  • Bachelor's in History, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Master's in Technology, Lesley University
  • Endorsement in Computer Programming


  • Cyber Security I
  • Cyber Security II
  • Cyber Security III
  • Cyber Security Advanced Studies

Students who Major in Cybersecurity will take the following courses:


9th--Cybersecurity I

10th--Cybersecurity II

11th--Cybersecurity III

12th--Cybersecurity Advanced Studies


We also encourage Cybersecurity student to Minor in one of the following areas:


Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice

Forensic Science


Recommended Coursework Includes:


AP Computer Science Principles