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Sentinel Families,
Regular attendance at school is a necessity if students are to achieve their fullest potential.  Some commonly asked questions can be found in the FAQ's section below.   
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  • Why do I have to turn in a note? 
Per CCSD guidelines, school are required to have a hard copy attendance note to excuse and document a student's absence.  
  • Why can't I just call or email?
Attendance is monitored at the local, state and federal level and as such schools must maintain their attendance records (notes) for 10 years. A phone call does not allow for verification and email cannot be guaranteed to arrive or be verified. 
  • How long do I have for a note to be turned in?
Per CCSD guidelines, notes must be turned in within 3 days of a student returning to school or the absence will be marked as Unexcused. 
  • What if my student will be out for an extended period of time?
Please contact the front desk at 702-799-4710 and explain your student will be out for an extended period.  This will allow the school to determine if school work needs to be sent home to the student. 
  • Do I need a doctor's note for an absence?
If a student is out with a mild illness, no, a parent note will be sufficient. If a student will be out for an extended period of time, medical documentation will be required.  
If your child sees a doctor on a regular basis (orthodontist, counselor, physical therapy, etc.) just ask them for a school note when you leave your appointment, they will be happy to print one for you. 
  • Can absences affect my students ability to maintain their seat?
Seat time is crucial for a student to absorb and apply information that is being given to them; as well as to reach out for help in subject matter they may be struggling in.  Please contact your school Counselor for questions and guidance.