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Empower the Future

Magnet Schools are the single largest form of public school “choice” and represent over 4,340 schools and 3.5 million students nationwide. Magnet schools are visionary, innovative and open to all students regardless of zip code.

Magnet Schools attract children of various socio-economic backgrounds, race and academic achievement levels. In 1993, Mabel Hoggard, Clark High School, and the Las Vegas Academy were the very first magnet programs to open in the Las Vegas Valley as part of our efforts to desegregate the Clark County School District. Because of the tremendous success of our magnet programs, the demand has greatly exceeded the available seats for students.

Magnet programs benefit the community by:

  • Improving teaching and learning to increase student achievement
  • Offering school choice
  • Providing educational equity
  • Improving school integration
  • Uniting school and community through focused curriculum
  • Increasing parent and community involvement and support
  • Providing learning environments that match students’ interests, talents and abilities
  • Reversing declining enrollment
  • Improving satisfaction among families
  • Increasing student attendance
  • Encouraging creativity of educators
  • Expanding career opportunities with authentic application of skills
  • Fostering education innovation and providing a venue to pilot new teaching and learning strategies and approaches
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