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Welcome to Emergency Medical Services/Pre-Med!

It is an honor to be a staff member of Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy!


I began my career in the medial field as an Army Combat Medic (68W).  As a medic I worked under different medical echelons such as ambulance platoons, ambulance companies, medical treatment facilities, and emergency rooms.  I trained and led soldiers as Platoon Sergeant and First Sergeant.  I proudly served as a medic for 20 years and I currently hold an EMT instructor certification. 


Dedication, compassion, knowledge, and strong work ethics are traits I hold dearly and believe every student should be held accountable for.  As an instructor, I am dedicated to provide students with rigorous standards and support.  I am committed to enchancing each student's  education and well-being.  Communication between teacher, student, and parents is the key for success.  It is my personal policy to maintain open and unconditional lines of communication with students and their parents. 

--Mrs. Maria Vega


Meet our Instructor:


Maria Vega


  • Nationally Registered EMT
  • EMT Primary Instructor
  • Master's Degree (Science-Counseling), Long Island University
  • Bachelor's Degree (Science Pedagogy) Western Governors University
  • 1SG U.S. Army (Ret)--20 years
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)


Students who Major in Emergency Medical Services will take the following courses:


This course sequence pertains to the school year 2023-24 and forward


9th-Freshmen Studies

10th-Principles of Health Science

11th-Medical Terminology

12th-EMT Basic and EMT Lab


We also encourage all EMS students to Minor in one of the following areas starting in their Jr. year:


Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice (supplementary program)

Forensic Science

9-1-1 Dispatch


Recommended Coursework Includes:


11th-AP Biology 

12th-AP Psychology