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911 Dispatch

Welcome to 9-1-1 Emergency Telecommunications!
"Students in this program receive instruction and hands-on training in our dispatch training lab equipped with state of the art equipment and software utilized by agencies throughout the world.  The students receive instruction in law enforcement, fire/rescue and medical call taking and dispatching. 


They will learn and demonstrate knowledge of civil and criminal law, advanced communication skills (phone and radio), crisis intervention, event preparation, use of community and agency resources, ICS, stress management and employability skills.  


As a senior, they will also have the opportunity to become certified by the International Academies of  Emergency Dispatch as an Emergency Telecommunicator, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Fire Dispatcher, and Emergency Police Dispatcher.  They will also receive certification in Healthcare Provide CPR/AED


I am so excited to be teaching the one true career passion of my life! To be instructing high school juniors and seniors is an honor I do not take lightly, and look forward to preparing them to be premier police, fire and medical emergency dispatchers.  My #1 goal is for my students to graduate with all the knowledge, skills,, and abilities needed to become successful  911 Emergency Telecommunicators and help save the lives of others. 


They will truly become the FIRST first responders!"​​​​​​​ –Mrs. Liz Satterlee


Liz Satterlee
  • 20 years at Henderson Police Department--911 Emergency Dispatcher, Communications Training Officer, Dispatch Supervisor, retired as Communications Program Coordinator
  • Crisis Intervention Team Training
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  • Emergency Fire Dispatcher
  • Emergency Police Dispatcher
  • Tactical Dispatcher
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Advanced Suicide Intervention Skills
Award & Extra Curricular:
  • 2009  Clark County Safety Office of the Year
  • City of Henderson JDRF Volunteer and PD Representative

Students who Major in 9-1-1 Dispatch will take the following courses:


This course sequence pertains to the school year 2023-24 and forward


9th-Law Enforcement I

10th-Law Enforcement II

11th-Emergency Telecommunications I 

12th-Emergency Telecommunications II AND Lab


We also encourage all 9-1-1 Dispatch students to Minor in one of the following areas starting in their Jr. year:


Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice (supplementary program)

Forensic Science


Recommended Coursework Includes:


12th-AP Psychology