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Benefit Mobile Digital Gift Cards....Pays with Purpose

Sentinel Families,

VT is excited to announce that we are participating in the Benefit Mobile Digital Gift Card fundraising program. 

This program will allows VT families to raise funds to help cover the costs of school related items (Program Fees, Yearbooks, Disney Grad Nite, Prom Tickets, Fines, Club T-shirts, etc.).......and the great thing about it is it DOES NOT require our Sentinel Families to buy or sell anything.......just do their regular shopping, but use a Digital Gift Card to pay.  Vendors then donate anywhere from 2% to 20% back to VT and your student's account.

So how do you sign up? How does it work?  Please see the FAQ's listed below, as well as the attached flyer and videos. 


Did you know Benefit users don't spend a penny more than they generally would and get to support their favorite cause with every transaction? Payment is fast, easy, and, most importantly, completely secure. Next time you are shopping online or in-store, use the Benefit app to check out and #paywithpurpose! Check out the video to see how easy it is!

  • What is Benefit Mobile?
Benefit Mobile is a Digital Gift Card program with over 400 vendors--Wal-Mart, Target, Southwest Airlines, Applebee's Auto Zone, Starbucks, Bath & Body Works, Amazon, Best Buy and so many more!
  • How do I download one of these Benefit Mobile Digital Gift Cards?
You must create an account and download the app.  Once you have the app, you can load a gift card in about 30 seconds.  and pay for you purchase.
  • How does it work?
You go to you app store, down load the app, and create an account linked to either your checking/debit or credit card.  When shopping you just pull up the vendor, enter the total dollar amount (example $19.83) hit accept and in about 30 seconds you will have our gift card.  Show to the cashier, they will scan or enter the # by hand and you have just paid for your purchase and earned funds for your student.
  • These funds go to my student...correct??
Yes.  When you create your account, it will prompt you to enter a STUDENT NAME.  Make sure you also list the STUDENT# right next to the name.  We have many, many students who have the same name. 
  • Can extended family help support my student with purchases??
Yes.  They will create their own accounts, and link their own checking/debit or credit card to it.  Again, they will need to list the STUDENT NAME and STUDENT#
  • We have more than one student...should we have more than one Benefit Mobile Account??
No.  We recommend having the account linked to the oldest student.  Funds can be applied to multiple student school accounts.  If you have a Senior who is leaving VT, just go in and update the STUDENT NAME and STUDENT#  to the next oldest student. 
  • What happens to funds not used??
Any funds left in an account at the end of a senior year or if a student leaves VT is deposited into the VT Scholarship Fund at the end of the Donation Year.  If there is a sibling attending VT, left over funds can be rolled over to that student.
  • Can I send someone a Digital Gift Card??
Yes.  The app will walk you through how to do will need the recipients email address.
  • What is a Donation Year?
The Donation Year is the period of time that funds are collected, at the end of the year funds are totaled and applied to the listed student.  The year runs July 1st to June 30th of each year. 
  • What can funds be applied to?
Funds can be applied to anything school related (within) VT.  Example--Program Fees, Yearbooks, Disney Grad Nite, Homecoming/Prom tickets, Fines, Club Dues, VT Sweat shirt/T-shirts.  Funds cannot be applied outside of VT...Example...the purchase of program uniforms or standard student attire, school supplies, etc.
  • Questions??
Please contact Ms. Montano at [email protected] or 702-799-4710 ex 4087