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Student Guidelines

All VTCTA students are expected to earn 25 Volunteer Service hours per year.  In order to receive credit for the community service you complete, the volunteer  service must comply with the following guidelines.

  • Volunteer Service is any voluntary work completed for the benefit of others in need for which there is no payment (monetary or other compensation).  Students gain self-confidence, leadership skills and personal understanding through their accomplishments while reaching out to help others.  
  • Additionally, Volunteer Service in or around a student’s career interest may facilitate future job opportunities and also increases the student’s viability for scholarships and college admission.
  • Completed service hours submitted may be used as a determining factor for internship opportunities, scholarships, awards, early release, field trips, etc
  • Service is earned at a 1 to 1 ratio; one hour of service is one hour of service credit.
  • Service hour requests must be submitted on the VTCTA digital volunteer tracking program x2VOL and backed up with a HARD COPY of their hours......TECHNOLOGY FAILS!  This can be done with a VTCTA Volunteer Service Log Sheet (see attachment) or a current print out from x2VOL.


  • What is x2VOL and how do I access it?
x2VOL is short for 'Excited to Volunteer' and is an online system for tracking hours and posting volunteer events.  Students will receive their account access during the first two weeks of school. 
  • Why do I need to use a hard copy, if I am logging my hours in x2VOL?
Unfortunately technology can fail and if the email is not received by the volunteer sponsor, student hours will not be approved.  If students log their hours on a hard copy, they can still get their hours approved.
  • How does electronic verification work?
Once a student inputs the actual hours for any event worked, x2VOL will send an email link or a text message to the person listed as the contact for the event, to verify the volunteer hours. Once those hours are approved, they are then signed off by the VT Partnership Office and marked as complete. 
  • Where can I find a log sheet?
See the attached below
  • What counts as volunteering?
Service events sponsored by VT
Service projects sponsored by activities outside of VT: Schools, Religious Organizations, Non-Profits, Clubs, Civic Organizations, Work
Meeting to plan a service project along with the project itself
Time spent in preparation for a performance offered as a community service, along with the performance itself
Volunteering for a political campaign
  • How do I find volunteering opportunities?
#1 Different community organizations become x2VOL members and list their volunteer needs, which in turn shows up onthe student page.
#2 VT actively looks for volunteer opportunities and post them to x2VOL as School Sponsored Activities
#3  Student Generated volunteer opportunities.  This is where the student actively looks for his/her own volunteer opportunities.  As long as the event meets the guidelines, the student will create their own event.  Students must have the activity name, brief description of the event, person of contact, phone# and/or email address.
  • What are the dates for the volunteer year?
April 1st through March 31st.  
  • What if I volunteer over the summer?
The new volunteer year, begins April 1st, so any hours you do over the summer count for the current volunteer year.  Simply log your hours in x2VOL and drop off your hard copies at the beginning of the school year in the Student Union.
  • I have a ton of hours........like over a 100 to log.  Do I have to log each day seperately??
No, x2VOL has a way to log hours as a 'Batch', you can log up to 199 at a time. You will need to see Ms. Montano in the Student Union for help or checkout the YouTube videos for directions. 
  • I have further questions??
Please contact Ms. Montano in the Student Union [email protected] or at 702-799-4710 ex 4087