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Savers Keeping It Green

The Cheer Club will be hosting a Fall Keep it Green, While You Clean fundraiser with Savers! 
You can help to keep no longer needed items out of landfills and help the Senior Class & Cheer Club raise funds for their planned activities for the year and earn Community Engagement hours at the same time.
On October TBD the Cheer Club will be at the front of the school to collect your donations...the goal is 100 (30) gallon stuffed full trash bags or however many we can stuff into a U-Haul truck!  
We know a 30 gallon bag can be awkward to carry on the bus, if students would like they can bring 13 gallon trash bags and bring them over multiple days. 
Simply print out the donation form on this page or pick up a copy from the front office or the Student Union, fill out and attach to your donation.  Questions??  Contact Ms. Montano at [email protected] or 702-799-4710 ex 4087