Standard Student Attire (SSA) for 2020-21

What is SSA? Where is it purchased? When is it worn?

VTCTA is a Standard Student Attire  (SSA) school.  Students are required to wear clothing that falls within the SSA guidelines. 

Students will wear their SSA attire on days when they DO NOT have their program class.  Students will know which day this is based on their class schedule. 

 SSA: Can be purchased at any retailer that has items that meet the SSA guidelines: i.e.-Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, JC Penny's, etc.  Shirts are a SOLID colored polo (no logos, except VT Logo) are allowed. See attachment for color selections. 

LEGGINGS/TIGHTS:  Leggings and tights are never allowed on campus.  Whether worn by themselves or under another garment item.

 HEAD GEAR/HATS/HOODIES:  Students may only wear headgear that has been approved by administration for specific school functions.  Students will be notified of those days before hand.  i.e.--school spirit week/dress up. Religious head coverings fall under separate guidelines.  Please refer questions to your child's counselor. 

 JEANS:  Students may wear jeans on Fridays along with a school sponsored T-shirt i.e.-class T-shirts.  Students must purchase a jeans wrist band from the banker for $1.00 (M-Th) or for $2.00 if purchased on Friday.  These funds are used to help fund the VTCTA Scholarship Fund.  

 JEAN GUIDELINES:  Jeans must meet VTCTA Guidelines:  Absolutely no rips, tears or holes above the knee. Even if tights/leggings are worn under the jeans, there still cannot be any  rips, tears or holes above the knee. 

 Further details can be found at the following link:  SSA GUIDELINES